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Janet Kane

Sponsored Athlete Profile

Name Ms Janet Kane
Federation IFBB
Division Women's Figure

Career Highlights

3 x Ms Natural Olympia,
4 x Ms Australia,
IFBB FITX Ms Figure Champion,
IFBB Arnold Classic Ms Figure Champion
INBA Pro Bodybuilder,
2 x Ms Australasia

Special Achievements

Maxine’s Shape up Challenge Master Coach

Training Likes and Dislikes

I love training mid morning to a program. I like knowing what I am training a day before as I am a planner.

When I train, I train hard, happy to be social but only after a set. I get super frustrated if someone talks to me whilst I am moving a weight.

Weights/plates have to match - it is some form of OCD I have, Lol.

Dislike lazy people who can’t return weights.

Love a great atmosphere of hard core trainers at the same time

Favourite Body Part to Train

Love training back and shoulders.

Favourite Cheat Foods

I don’t have ‘cheat’ meals, I have ‘high calorie’ meals so I can plan with purpose without cheating. My words are powerful in my thoughts. These high calorie meals include my sweet weakness for m&m’s, ice cream and protein bars and of course my trusty Crunchola - all of which have to be Gluten Free for me.

Things you may not know about me

I have a huge love for all dogs and own a Ridgeback.
I have 2 children, son 13 and daughter 10.
One grading short of black belt in martial arts but stopped the sport some years back
Studied pure and applied maths at Uni and ran fast in opposite direction to work in sales with people.
Youngest of 6 children and my Israeli Mother can speak 9 languages and I speak just English!

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