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Costume Care

Follow these simple guidelines to ensure your posing suit survives the cleaning process and is ready to "Shine on Stage" another day!

Please use a very neutral, gentle laundry detergent or even dish washing liquid to clean your suit. Many powders on the market today come with a built in bleach and will strip fabric and sequins of their colour in an instant.

After putting a small amount of suitable laundry powder or liquid in an inch or two of luke warm water place your bikini or posing trunks in and give a gentle swish around. Most of the tan will come out straight away. For any marks that are a little more stubborn rub the fabric gently with your fingers. Use a nail brush on the inside to remove bikini bite / glue marks. Please remember to be very gentle. Most Style on Stage posing suits are encrusted with hundreds of dollars of Swarovski crystals - please treat them with the respect they deserve.

Never soak your posing suit - never have your posing suit dry cleaned - never use abrasives on your suit.

Once the tan has been removed, rinse thoroughly in cold water, ensuring all the soap is gone and the water runs clean.

Gently squeeze out excess water, obviously taking great care of crystals or sequins, and place on a folded towel in a flat position out of direct sunlight. Place another towel over the top of the costume to soak up any excess water. After an hour or so take the top towel off to allow the top layer to dry, then turn the suit over and allow to dry completely before packing safely away.

Unfortunately I cannot guarantee the colour fastness of sequins or the adhesive quality of fabrics with glitter on them. All care is taken to purchase the best quality materials. I attempt to glue any crystals on as permanently as possible but there will always be a few casualties. I do not mind replacing these at any time. However, I cannot be held responsible for the effects that tans, oils or sprays may have on crystals or sequins.

If you are still nervous then check out our cleaning service.

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