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Styles and Sizing

Bikini Sizing

With a variety of options it is easy to find a top and pant style that will suit your individual needs!

No need to guess what size you might be - just give Jo your height and a few photos along with your bust size and she will do the rest. Simple!

The front and back of all pants - except the sportsmodel cut - comes with a deep V to give the illusion of a narrower waist line. Pants that come straight across without this deep cutout shape will make the torso appear cut in two, and much blockier than it actually can look.

Scars, stretch marks and loose skin can all be taken into account. Please dont be afraid to let Jo know if you have any issues that may need addressing when fitting your suit.

For bikini tops choose from: contour padded top, triangle/string top and structured top. For bikini pants choose from: g-string, pro cut or brazillian cut, 3/4 cutaway, 3/4 pants and sports model.

Posing Trunks Sizing

These sizing and weight ranges are approximate, as every competitor is built differently. The waist measurements are a guide only as the trunks do not sit on your waist and are more determined by the width of your bottom & hips as well as your glute development. Your height will also play a part in determining your correct sizing.

  • X-Small : 26"-28" Waist (60-80kg)
  • Small : 28"-32" Waist (70-90kg)
  • Medium : 30"-34" Waist (80-100kg+)
  • Large : 34"+ Waist very rarely sold

The photos of the Posing Trunks within the Online Shop are of a 100kg+ competitor (about 2 months out from a show) and he is wearing our Medium size.

PLEASE NOTE: Our sizes are generous and we have only ever sold a handful of Large size trunks over the past 5 years.

Bikini Pants

3/4 Cutaway

The 3/4 Cutaway pants will suit someone that is just a little too wide to wear the Brazilian cut comfortably. Older ladies looking at competing for the first time will often opt for this cut. They are a more modest option without a bulky appearance, and they will still compliment the physique nicely.

Brazilian Cut

The Brazilian Cut is a little more modest than the Pro Cut but still narrow enough to compliment your shape. Probably our most popular cut right now (but trends do change).


Our G-Strings are cut low at the front and should sit comfortably low at the back. A great butt is essential when making the decison to wear a gstring! Also check your federation's rules.

Pro Cut

The Pro Cut pants are our narrowest to date. The back of these pants are not much wider than the front - so it is essential that you (and your butt) are in good condition!

Sports Model

The sports model cut pants were designed for girls competing in Sportsmodel categories that wanted something a little classier than a regular swimsuit bottom - they are designed to sit a little lower on the hips than the 'figure' pants but still give that deep V taper at front with a low scooped back.

Bikini Tops

Contour Padded Top

A lightly padded top that has structure and shape and is perfect for a natural bust. It is our most popular style with figure and sports model competitors. Some girls with implants find this top quite comfortable and supportive.

Structured Top

The structured top version is made by covering an existing bra and replacing the straps to make it more 'bikini like'. Not an option we recommend as it is harder to fit and often gapes when posing.

Triangle/String Top

The triangle top is our preferred style for physique girls, but is also great for figure girls with implants. The bottom edge is adjustable along the string ties so it can be moved around the base of the bust.

  • Without a doubt the finest, most beautiful and well-crafted comp bikinis worldwide.
  • Your work is amazing and I will be telling other ladies about you and recommending you.
  • My bikini arrived all safe and sound this morning and oh my stars!!!! I'm speechless the bikini is absolutely incredible!!

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